We Shed A Tear For YoureTheManNowDog.com

YTMND (You're The Man Now Dog), a first mover in the meme trend, has closed down. The online community at YTMND.com let folks to upload a picture or a JPEG and use it with sound to achieve humorous results. Traffic to the website, however, reduced massively years ago with the peak of social media.

Sometime through 2016, site leader Max Goldberg said YTMND will most likely close soon because of a lack of ad revenue and his poor health. "It seems like the internet has moved on," Max announced to Gizmodo.

YTMND started in 2001 when Goldberg initially combined a clip of Mr Sean Connery muttering the words, "You're the man now, dog!", teamed with an image and also accompanying words then sent it to the web page, http://yourethemannowdog.com .

 ytmnd screenshot

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